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Leaders need options for their supply chains.

Successful business performance has historically been a byproduct of reliable supply chain and logistics processes ensuring consistent availability of products to meet the market’s demand.

Worldwide uncertainty is wreaking havoc on a business’ ability to perform. Without a clear path to reliable logistics, business will continue to be jeopardized by issues outside of the business leader’s direct control.

We work with manufacturers and distributors to offer business leaders logistics options, strategies, and insights that work despite the challenges in today’s world of logistics.



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Our Services

Logistics Consulting

Visigistics provides logistics solutions to meet your domestic and international shipping needs. We partner with leading logistics companies to tailor a solution to your business.

Supply Chain Consulting

Our extensive experience in Supply Chain and Operations Management can help your company create reliable supply chains.

Executive Roundtables

Executive roundtables provide a forum to exchange ideas, experiences, and resources with other supply chain executives in non-competing industries.

US-Mexico Cross Border Logistics

Visigistics has strong partners that specialize in US-Mexico Trade.  We provide solutions for sourcing in Mexico, Mexico and USA customs brokerage, foreign trade zones, Mexico warehousing, US border warehousing, transloading, intra-Mexico, and Mexico-US freight solutions.


The Power of Nearshoring in Mexico

For decades, companies have taken advantage of the low-cost labor in China to produce their products, but times are changing.

Download our E-Book to learn how companies are nearshoring in Mexico as a low cost and reliable manufacturing solution.

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