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US- Mexico Cross Border Logistics and Warehousing

Visigistics is focused on simplifying and providing a reliable end-to-end solution for all your cross-border logistics and intra Mexico logistics. Visigistics is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of services tailored to your specific needs. We understand the complexities of the US-Mexico supply chain, and that's why we offer a full spectrum of logistics services to ensure your company's success. We excel in managing cross-border shipments, ensuring smooth customs clearance, and facilitating the movement of goods between the United States and Mexico.

Our services include efficient warehousing solutions, seamless cross-border transportation, ocean and air imports and exports, and reliable intra Mexico logistics support allowing us to seamlessly coordinate the transportation, warehousing and distribution of your products within Mexico and the United States. With our wealth of on-the-ground experience and unwavering commitment to performance, we strive to simplify your logistics operations and help you navigate the intricate world of international trade.

Trust us to handle your logistics needs, and experience the efficiency and value-added opportunities that come with our reliable end-to-end solutions.


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Mexico Logistics Locations
Mexico-US Locations

Visigistics has the relationships needed to move almost Anything between US and Mexico

We have cross border logistics operations locations at:

  • Laredo border crossing / Nuevo Laredo border crossing
  • El Paso border crossing / Santa Theresa border crossing / Juarez border crossing 
  • Eagle Pass border crossing / Piedras Negras border crossing
  • Pharr, TX
  • Brownsville, TX
  • Nogales US border crossing / Nogales Mexico border crossing
  • Douglas, AZ;
  • Mexicali border Crossing / Calexico, CA border crossing;
  • San Diego, CA; Otay Mesa, CA.
  • In Mexico we are located in Ensenada, Altamira, Veracruz, Manzanillo, Mexico City Airport, Guadalajara Airport, and Monterrey Airport.
US-Mexico Cross Border Trucking

US-Mexico Cross Border Trucking

Border warehouse & fulfillment

Border Warehousing & Fulfillment

Transloading & forwarding

Freight Forwarding & Crossdocking

Mexico and US Brokerage

Mexico & US Brokerage


Foreign Trade Zones

Mexico Ocean and Air Imports

Ocean & Air Imports

Mexico Trucking

Mexico Logistics

Special Projects

Mexico Warehousing & Section 321 Solutions

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Experienced in Mexico-US Cross Border Operations

Below are some frequently asked questions about US-Mexico operations:

Visigistics is a company that offers a wide range of services for transportation and logistics. We provide personalized attention to each client and specialize in handling freight and door-to-door projects. Our Freight Forwarding solution is designed for companies involved in trading goods with Mexico, offering a cross-border logistics service for high-frequency shipments. With a team of bilingual cross border logistics experts behind us, Visigistics can provide for your cross-border logistics needs; whether you are looking to ship freight to Mexico or looking to ship from Mexico to USA.

Visigistics sets itself apart from the competition by providing flexibility and efficiency in creating customized solutions for its customers. We have an extensive network of warehouses in Mexico and warehouses in the United States.

One of the key services offered by Visigistics is Customs brokerage. We have a network of highly reliable foreign trade experts who design and implement customs clearance strategies. These strategies ensure full compliance with tax and customs laws, low clearance times, and the application of the lowest applicable tariffs.

Visigistics also prioritizes excellent customer service with dedicated and bilingual support. Our customer service team is in constant contact and communication with our network of freight service providers. This allows us to guarantee the best shipping method, whether it's via ocean freight, air freight, truck freight, or intermodal service, all at the most competitive rates.

In summary, Visigistics offers a wide range of transportation and 3PL Mexico logistics services. From handling freight and door-to-door projects to providing cross-border logistics expertise, we are committed to offering customized solutions, excellent customer service, and the utmost efficiency for our clients.

Mexican customs rules are different than US Customs requirements.  Whether you are looking for Mexico import requirements or Mexico export requirements, we can help.  A Mexico customs broker is required for all import and export transactions.  However, Mexico customs rules limits brokers to only do customs clearance in Mexico in ports in which they are registered.  Therefore, Mexican customs brokers in Laredo will likely not be able to support Mexican customs in Tijuana.  But, we can provide customs clearance in Mexico at every major Mexico land port and seaport through our network of partners.

Yes, we can help.  Whether you are looking for help with freight shipping to Mexico from USA, freight shipping from Mexico to USA, warehouses in Mexico, help with Immex, looking for help to determine the best way to ship to Mexico, importing from Mexico to USA, shipping to Mexico from China, please reach out to us to talk about possible solutions by requesting a freight rate quote.

The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Program partners with Mexico’s Authorized Economic Operator program (AEO/OEA) and assures access to US and Mexico Fast Lanes and over 40 administrative benefits on Customs and Trade in Mexico that favorably impact the compliance, velocity, and low cost of Customs operations.

Using IMMEX warehousing in Mexico offers many benefits such as:

  • No import tax payment
  • No need to establish a presence in Mexico
  • No customs compliance issues
  • Inventory in Mexico

We support many industries in Mexico including:

  • Aerospace & Industrial Goods
  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • High-tech
  • Pharma & Healthcare
  • Perishables & Beverages

Companies outside of Mexico can operate under three models:

  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Shelter Companies
  • Maquiladoras

A shelter company is outsourcing service that allows foreign companies to establish a legal presence in Mexico without having to set up their own infrastructure, legal entity or administrative team. The shelter company provides the real estate, people and performs the regulatory requirements of the Mexico government.  The foreign company is responsible for inventory, equipment and manufacturing processes.

A Maquiladora is a foreign owned company that takes on all the responsibilities required to operate in Mexico.

Yes, we can provide crossdock services at the Laredo Texas border crossing (AKA cross docking Laredo TX).  The Laredo TX border crossing is the highest volume US-Mexico port and we can provide a host of services there.  We also can provide various services at the Brownsville border crossing, Santa Theresa border crossing, Reynosa Mexico Border crossing, the El Paso TX border crossing, Hildago border crossing, Tecate Mexico border crossing, and others.

Contact us for your freight forwarding Laredo Tx needs.

Visigistics maintains its reputation as a cross border logistics expert through its extensive partnerships in transporting various commodities, including heavy equipment, machinery, retail products, automotive parts, produce, and textiles. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, the company offers a wide range of services such as Flatbed and Step Deck transportation between the USA and Mexico, Ocean Freight services between the USA and LATAM, Custom Broker Clearance, Cargo Insurance, and Air Cargo solutions for spare parts.

Furthermore, Visigistics stands out by offering excellent and customized customer service. We prioritize the needs of our clients, ensuring that each interaction is tailored to meet their specific requirements and expectations.

Through our expertise, reliability, and dedication to customer service, Visigistics has established itself as the go-to cross border logistics expert in the industry, earning the trust and loyalty of their clients throughout Mexico and the United States.

Visigistics specializes in providing comprehensive transportation, freight forwarding, and logistics services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. With our expertise in cross-border logistics, we offer a range of solutions to efficiently handle freight and door-to-door projects.

Our Freight Forwarding services focus on offering Truckload and LTL (Less Than Truckload) cross-border logistics services, specifically designed for companies involved in or interested in trading goods with Mexico.

Through our extensive network of warehouses in Mexico, coupled with warehouse operations in the United States, Visigistics offers a powerful geographical advantage to companies seeking quick distribution of their goods.

What sets Visigistics apart from competitors is its commitment to flexibility and efficiency, as well as its focus on creating customized solutions for our customers. We understand that each client has unique requirements, and thus we work closely with them to co-develop personalized logistics strategies that meet their specific needs.

Visigistics takes pride in its exceptional customer service, which is dedicated and bilingual. Through constant communication and coordination with our network of freight service providers, we ensure that the best shipping methods are employed, whether it be via ocean freight, air freight, truck freight, or intermodal service. Our goal is to guarantee the most competitive rates and the safe and timely delivery of goods.

In summary, Visigistics offers a wide range of transportation, freight forwarding, and logistics services, specializing in cross-border logistics with Mexico. Our experience, extensive network, and commitment to personalized solutions position them as a reliable and efficient partner for companies seeking exceptional freight and logistics services.

Visigistics, being a seasoned cross-border logistics expert, has successfully transported a diverse array of commodities to Latin American countries. This includes but is not limited to heavy equipment, machinery, retail products, automotive goods, produce, and textiles. They have effectively handled a wide range of commodities, catering to the distinct needs and requirements of their clients in the region.

Yes, Visigistics specializes in container drayage services. We are committed to meeting your needs by providing reliable and efficient pick-up, stripping, and delivery of containers to their final destinations. With a focus on safety and timeliness, you can trust us to handle your container drayage requirements effectively.

Shelter services in Mexico refer to the support and resources offered by specialized shelter companies to manufacturers in order to establish and operate their businesses in Mexico. These companies provide a range of services and infrastructure that enable manufacturers to easily set up their operations in the country, without the need for extensive knowledge of local laws, regulations, and operating procedures.

One of the primary benefits of utilizing shelter services is the expedited process of establishing operations in Mexico. Shelter companies have extensive knowledge and experience in navigating the bureaucratic procedures required for setting up a business, such as obtaining permits, licenses, and certifications. Manufacturers can therefore save valuable time and resources by leveraging the expertise of these shelter companies.

Another advantage is cost-effectiveness. Through shelter services, manufacturers can avoid the need to invest heavily in building or leasing facilities, as the shelter companies typically provide ready-to-use industrial spaces and infrastructure. This enables manufacturers to save on initial capital investment and focus resources on their core operations.

Additionally, shelter services provide manufacturers with access to a skilled and trained workforce. The shelter companies usually have established relationships with local labor pools, ensuring a reliable supply of qualified personnel. This alleviates the burden of recruitment, training, and HR management for manufacturers, allowing them to concentrate on their production processes instead.

Moreover, shelter services offer manufacturers the advantage of benefiting from trade agreements and incentives. Shelter companies often have extensive networks and knowledge of trade policies and agreements, which can help manufacturers take advantage of preferential tax and tariff rates, as well as access to international markets. This is particularly beneficial for U.S. manufacturers, as Mexico has a number of trade agreements with countries around the world, including the United States.

In summary, shelter services in Mexico provide manufacturers with a comprehensive support system, helping them navigate the complexities of establishing and operating a business in the country. By leveraging the expertise, infrastructure, and cost-saving benefits provided by shelter companies, manufacturers can effectively and efficiently establish their operations, access a skilled workforce, and take advantage of trade agreements, ultimately boosting their competitiveness in the Mexican market.

Visigistics is your ideal partner for cross border shipping, as we specialize in providing fast, cost-effective, and reliable delivery solutions that can make the world of freight shipping move seamlessly. With our extensive expertise and understanding of the complexities involved in cross border shipping, we are uniquely positioned to assist and guide you throughout the entire process.

We pride ourselves on being more than just a logistics company – we are a trusted partner that can help you navigate the intricacies of cross border shipping. Our knowledgeable team will work closely with you to develop tailored shipping strategies that are optimized for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

By leveraging our vast network of resources and industry connections, we can ensure that your cross border shipments are handled seamlessly, regardless of the geographical boundaries or complexities involved. Whether it's customs clearance, documentation, or regulatory compliance, we have the experience and expertise to streamline the process and minimize any potential hurdles or delays.

At Visigistics, we understand the significance of shipping smarter. That's why we are committed to sharing our knowledge with you, providing valuable insights and guidance to help you make informed decisions at every step of the way. With our innovative solutions and technology-driven approach, we strive to make cross border shipping a hassle-free experience for our clients.

Partnering with Visigistics means access to unrivaled customer support and dedicated account management. Our team is available to address your concerns, offer expert advice, and proactively identify opportunities for improvement in your cross border shipping operations.

In summary, Visigistics isn't just a regular logistics company – we are a reliable and knowledgeable partner for all your cross border shipping needs. With our commitment to speed, cost-effectiveness, and reliability, we aim to simplify the complexities of cross border shipping and help you ship smarter every step of the way.

Visigistics can provide a comprehensive range of programs and services in North America. These offerings include:

  1. Customs & Compliance: Borderless Coverage can offer expert guidance and assistance with customs procedures, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and requirements.
  2. Ocean Freight Forwarding: Our team can handle all aspects of ocean freight transportation, including booking, documentation, and tracking, to ensure efficient and cost-effective delivery of goods via sea.
  3. Ground Transportation: We can arrange and manage ground transportation services, including trucking, to ensure seamless and reliable delivery within North America.
  4. Warehousing & Order Fulfillment: Visigistics can provide warehousing facilities and efficient order fulfillment services, ensuring effective inventory management and timely shipment of orders.
  5. Final Mile Distribution: Our team can handle the last leg of the supply chain, including the efficient and accurate delivery of goods to customers' doorsteps.
  6. Omni-Channel Logistics: We can implement integrated logistics solutions that cater to various sales channels, enabling efficient management of inventory and fulfillment across multiple platforms.
  7. Cross Border Parcel Solutions: Borderless Coverage offers specialized services for cross-border shipments, facilitating smooth and timely movement of parcels across North American borders.
  8. Nearshore Hub Fulfillment Facilities: We can establish strategically located fulfillment centers near major consumer markets, enabling faster delivery and reduced shipping costs.
  9. Systems: Visigistics provides expertise in implementing and optimizing various systems, including order management, transportation management, warehouse management, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

Overall, Visigistics offers a comprehensive suite of programs and services tailored to meet the logistics and supply chain needs of businesses operating in North America.

Unfortunately, the Pedimento documents are Mexican customs documents and therefore are only published in Spanish.

Under the OCEAN category, a comprehensive range of services is offered. Visigistics has a complete portfolio of ocean, air, and dray services in Mexico to ensure pick up from your origin point and delivery directly to in-land points . This includes both port-to-port and door-to-door services for air and ocean, providing a seamless experience for importing goods into Mexico and exporting goods from Mexico. With an emphasis on expediency and efficiency, customers can entrust their cargo to these reliable air and ocean services for timely and reliable transportation solutions. To gain further insight into the extensive services provided, please contact us to discuss your needs further.

Visigistics offers comprehensive services for local, US, and Mexico cartage needs, ensuring a convenient and streamlined experience. As a one-stop destination, we provide a centralized solution for all your cartage requirements in these regions. Whether you need to transport goods locally, within the US, or to and from Mexico, Visigistics has you covered. Our services encompass not only the physical transportation of goods but also include centralized contacts for billing, collection, and operational requirements. By utilizing our expertise and network, you can rely on Visigistics to handle all aspects of your cartage needs efficiently and effectively.

Visigistics can offer dedicated services.  We can provide expedited services, trailer pools, etc. 

Visigistics can utilize CTPAT-certified carriers at the border if required.  However, because of the additional scrutiny, not all customers require CTPAT certified carriers because typically these carriers are more expensive.

CTPAT certified carriers are considered low-risk, leading to expedited processing and reduced inspection times at the border. This can result in quicker clearance of goods, reducing delays and improving overall supply chain efficiency.

CTPAT participants, including carriers, have access to the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) lanes at border crossings. These dedicated lanes are designed to expedite the clearance process for pre-approved, low-risk shipments, further speeding up border crossings.

As a trusted and certified partner in the CTPAT program, carriers are subject to fewer random customs inspections. This not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of disruptions to the transportation process.

CTPAT certification involves implementing comprehensive security measures not only at the border but also throughout the entire supply chain. This can help protect against risks such as theft, tampering, or terrorism, contributing to a more secure and resilient supply chain.

CTPAT encourages collaboration between the government and the private sector. By participating in the program, carriers can engage in a proactive partnership with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to address security concerns and continuously improve supply chain security practices.

eing a CTPAT certified carrier can serve as a competitive differentiator in the logistics industry. Many shippers value partners with a commitment to security and efficiency, making CTPAT certification an attractive quality for carriers seeking to stand out in the market.

In summary, utilizing a CTPAT certified carrier at the U.S.-Mexico border can lead to faster border crossings, enhanced security, and a more streamlined supply chain process, ultimately benefiting both the carrier and the businesses involved in cross-border trade.


Please don't hesitate to contact us about your logistics and supply chain needs. Our consultants will work with you to determine if we are a fit for your project. If we don't think we are a fit, we will be glad to give you a referral to someone who we think can assist you.

At Visigistics, we offer a wide range of services to meet your transportation needs. Our experienced team is well-versed in Mexico-US Cross Border Operations, ensuring smooth and efficient operations in this region. Whether you require full truckload, Mexico warehousing and fulfillment services, Section 321 programs, Ocean Freight Services, Mexico LTL or Air Freight & Courier Services, we have you covered.

Our Ocean Freight Services are available globally, whether you are exporting or importing from Mexico or the United States. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in navigating the complexities of international shipping, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination safely and on time.

For urgent and smaller shipments, our Air Freight & Courier Services are ideal. With regular departures and direct and indirect flight options, we can accommodate your time-sensitive shipments with efficiency and reliability. Whether you need to send a package urgently or have a smaller shipment that requires immediate attention, our team will provide you with the best solutions.

We understand that every client's needs are unique, and we are committed to finding the right solutions for you. If you have any questions or require further information about our services, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our team is here to assist you and provide you with a freight rate quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your logistics and supply chain needs. We are passionate about delivering excellent service and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Section 321 of the U.S. Tariff Act allows for the release of certain shipments valued at $800 or less from customs duties and taxes. These are commonly referred to as "de minimis shipments."

Visigistics has the knowledge and the relationships to help companies legally avoid these duties and taxes.  To learn more, contact us today to discuss this further.


At Visigistics, our top priority is to support our customers with complicated shipments by providing exceptional service and unwavering support. We understand the unique challenges that come with navigating complex logistics, and we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient process for our clients.

Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to provide calm and knowledgeable support at every step of the way. Whether it's handling intricate documentation, addressing customs requirements, or coordinating multiple transportation modes, we have the expertise to guide our customers through the entire process.

With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, we prioritize open communication and collaboration to fully understand our clients' specific needs and requirements. Through this approach, we can tailor our services to find the best solutions that meet both the individual needs of our customers and the demands of their businesses.

Furthermore, our commitment to safety and reliability enables our customers to have complete peace of mind. We take immense responsibility for ensuring that their shipments are well-protected and handled with the utmost care throughout the journey. From secure packaging to accurate tracking systems, we provide comprehensive solutions to guarantee the integrity of each shipment.

In summary, Visigistics stands by its customers with complicated shipments by offering attentive and professional support, customized solutions, and a strong commitment to safety. We take pride in going above and beyond to ensure the success of our clients' business endeavors.

Visigisitcs stands out from other companies with its highly competitive pricing. Customers have consistently praised the company for offering excellent service at a competitive cost compared to other providers. The team's extensive experience combined with their commitment to providing top-notch customer support ensures that customers receive the best value for their money. With Visigistics, you can expect professional service and competitive pricing that sets them apart in the industry.

Visigistics is your trusted partner in simplifying and streamlining your cross-border logistics and intra-Mexico logistics needs. With a focus on providing reliable end-to-end solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of logistics services to successfully navigate the US-Mexico supply chain. Our commitment to performance and on-the-ground experience sets us apart from others in the industry.

Whether it's warehousing, cross-border transportation, or intra-Mexico logistics, Visigistics is equipped to handle your requirements with efficiency and expertise. Our dedicated consultants understand the complexities of the logistics landscape and will work closely with you to determine if our services align with your project needs. If we determine that our services may not be the best fit for your specific requirements, we will be glad to provide you with a referral to another trusted provider.

At Visigistics, we believe that the key to successful cross-border logistics lies in a deep understanding of the intricacies involved. With our wealth of on-the-ground experience and commitment to performance, we go beyond just offering logistics services. We strive to provide a reliable end-to-end solution that simplifies your supply chain operations.

Our comprehensive approach includes finding the right carriers, coordinating with customs brokers, and providing access to our extensive network of resources. We understand the importance of visibility, flexibility, and capacity, regardless of the lane, mode, or country. Our goal is to ensure that you have the support you need at every step of the way.

Moreover, our team of bilingual experts is equipped to handle language and cultural nuances to develop best practices tailored to your unique needs. We leverage our training, experience, and industry relationships to provide the highest level of service and support for all your cross-border shipping requirements.

When you choose Visigistics, you're choosing a partner that not only offers a full scope of logistics services but also understands the challenges and complexities of cross-border logistics. We are committed to delivering value, efficiency, and reliability to help your business thrive in the US-Mexico supply chain.

Contact us today to see how Visigistics can simplify your logistics operations, enhance your supply chain, and contribute to your overall success.

Certainly! There are various resources and insights available that can greatly assist in the growth of your business. These tools and knowledge can provide valuable assistance in improving different areas of your business to drive success. Whether you are looking for financial support, guidance in marketing strategies, or expert advice on expanding your customer base, there are numerous options to explore. By utilizing these resources and insights effectively, you can enhance your business's potential and achieve your growth objectives.

The marketplace offers an extensive range of transportation options to cater to various needs. Customers can choose from CTPAT-Certified Carriers, which ensure secure and compliant transport. Additionally, there are domestic shipping services available for both Canada and Mexico. The marketplace also offers drayage services for short-distance hauling, as well as dry van and refrigerated options for specific cargo requirements.

For smaller shipments, less than truckload (LTL) and intermodal services are available. Customers can also opt for open deck transport for oversized or specialized goods.

Furthermore, the marketplace facilitates through-trailer shipment with tracking capabilities for added convenience. Apart from these ground transportation options, the marketplace also supports multiple modes such as full truckload, intermodal, air, and ocean transport. With this variety of transportation modes, customers have the flexibility to choose the most suitable option based on their specific shipping needs.

By leveraging the expertise and cultural understanding of our bilingual experts in cross-border shipping, you can unlock a myriad of benefits. Firstly, our experts will work closely with you to develop and implement the best practices specific to your shipping requirements. With their extensive training and experience, they possess invaluable knowledge on navigating the complexities and challenges associated with cross-border transportation.

One of the key advantages of our bilingual experts is their deep understanding of cultural nuances. They are well-versed in the customs, traditions, and business practices of both sides of the border, enabling them to effortlessly bridge any communication or cultural gaps. This heightened cultural sensitivity allows for more effective collaboration and negotiation with international partners, reducing the chances of miscommunication and ensuring smoother operations throughout the shipping process.

Furthermore, our bilingual experts have cultivated strong relationships and networks within the cross-border shipping industry. These connections provide access to a wealth of resources, such as reliable carriers, trusted vendors, and local authorities. Leveraging these relationships not only enhances the efficiency and reliability of your shipping operations but also opens doors to new business opportunities and market expansions.

In summary, by harnessing the expertise and cultural understanding of our bilingual experts, you can expect tailored best practices, seamless communication, and access to valuable networks. This combination ultimately leads to improved efficiencies, reduced risks, and greater success in your cross-border shipping endeavors.

The FAST (Free and Secure Trade) and C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) programs are two initiatives established by the United States to streamline and enhance Customs processes for trade between the U.S. and Mexico.

FAST is designed to expedite the processing of commercial carriers involved in U.S.-Mexico trade. It is a trusted traveler/trusted shipper program that enables pre-approved carriers to benefit from faster and easier Customs clearance. Similar to the TSA Precheck program for air travelers, FAST requires carriers to undergo background checks and meet specific eligibility requirements. The certification is granted to drivers, allowing them to receive expedited processing at Customs checkpoints.

C-TPAT is a more comprehensive program aimed at shippers involved in international trade, including U.S.-Mexico trade. This program allows companies to proactively enhance their security measures and collaborate with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to improve supply chain security. Shippers must apply and meet certain eligibility criteria to obtain C-TPAT certification. Once certified, their drivers can then seek FAST certification, which provides further expedited processing benefits.

Both FAST and C-TPAT play crucial roles in facilitating U.S.-Mexico trade by enabling smoother and more efficient Customs procedures. By certifying carriers and shippers, these programs build trust and confidence in their operations, allowing Customs processes to be expedited without compromising security. Additionally, the collaboration between participants and CBP under the C-TPAT program strengthens supply chain security, ensuring the safe and efficient movement of goods across the U.S.-Mexico border.

It is important to note that these programs are specific to U.S.-Mexico trade and do not currently have counterparts for trade between the U.S. and China.

Ground transport offers several advantages when it comes to importing goods from Mexico. Firstly, one of the key benefits is the speed with which goods can be transported. Unlike goods manufactured in China, which usually have to be brought by ocean or air, goods from Mexico can be delivered in a matter of days or even hours. This eliminates the lengthy transit times associated with ocean shipments and ensures goods reach their destination more quickly.

Additionally, ground transport from Mexico provides a cost-effective solution. Compared to air freight, which can be quite expensive, or ocean freight, which often incurs substantial shipping costs, ground transport offers a more affordable alternative. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses aiming to reduce transportation expenses and maintain competitive pricing for their imported products.

Another advantage is the flexibility that ground transport provides. Unlike other modes, such as air or ocean, ground transport offers the ability to transport smaller quantities of goods, making it suitable for businesses that require frequent deliveries or have lower volume shipments. This flexibility allows for efficient supply chain management and enables businesses to respond swiftly to changing market demands.

Moreover, ground transport from Mexico offers a higher level of reliability compared to other transport modes. Since the delivery process largely takes place on land, it is generally less susceptible to disruptions caused by adverse weather conditions or natural disasters that can affect air or sea routes. This reliability ensures a more predictable and consistent delivery schedule for imported goods.

In summary, the advantages of ground transport for importing goods from Mexico include faster transit times, cost-effectiveness, flexibility in shipment quantities, and greater reliability. These factors make ground transport a favorable choice for businesses seeking efficient, affordable, and dependable logistics solutions for their imports from Mexico.

At Visigistics, our approach to crisis scenarios, including the impact of Covid-19, is characterized by our ability to respond quickly to the given scenarios. We fully understand the urgency and importance of such situations and have developed robust communications plans and strategies to effectively mitigate their impact on our processes. By implementing proactive measures, we ensure that you can rely on us for all your supply chain needs even in these challenging times.

Visigistics is a logistics and warehousing solutions company that offers an extensive array of services in various categories to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. In the Ocean category, we provide access to a global network of cargo container vessels, ensuring efficient and reliable shipping solutions using US and Mexico-licensed freight forwarders / NVOCCs.

For customers requiring Intra-Mexico transportation, Visigistics serves as a one-stop destination for cartage needs, covering Mexico, USA, and Canada. We have a dedicated team in Mexico to handle all customer service, dispatch, billing, and operational requirements, providing streamlined and efficient communications to our customers for shipping freight in Mexico.

For Refrigerated freight Visigistics offers time and temperature-sensitive freight solutions. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of perishable goods and employ the latest refrigeration technology to ensure safe and reliable transportation.

When it comes to the US-Mexico Dedicated freight offers time-sensitive services across Mexico, USA and Canada. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures efficient delivery and seamless cross-border operations.

Finally, for Heavy Machinery category, Visigistics partners with carriers who possess exemplary performance and safety records for transporting equipment. Their expertise in handling specialized equipment allows them to provide reliable transportation solutions for customers in need of machinery shipping services.

Visigistics is headquartered in Plano, TX with partner facilities in Mexico, along the US-Mexico border, and throughout the United States. This strategic location allows Visigistics to specialize in developing solutions for our customers.

Our consultants are dedicated to helping you understand the complexities of shipping processes at the U.S.-Mexico border. If you're seeking clarity on freight shipping to Mexico from the USA, freight shipping from Mexico to the USA, warehouses in Mexico, assistance with Immex, determining the best shipping method to Mexico, importing from Mexico to the USA, or shipping to Mexico from China, we are here to provide you with expert solutions. Our team can guide you through the Mexico import requirements and Mexico export requirements, ensuring compliance with the distinct customs rules that differ from those of the United States.

It is important to note that Mexican customs rules require the involvement of a Mexico customs broker for all import and export transactions. However, it is essential to understand that these brokers are limited to performing customs clearance in Mexico only at registered ports. For example, Mexican customs brokers in Laredo may not be able to support Mexican customs clearance in Tijuana. Nevertheless, our extensive network of partners allows us to provide customs clearance in Mexico at every major Mexico land port and seaport.

We understand that navigating the shipping processes at the U.S.-Mexico border can be complex. To ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the procedures and options available to you, we offer our expertise and consultation services. Our consultants will work closely with you, evaluating your specific needs and requirements, to determine if our solutions align with your project goals. If, for any reason, we believe that our services may not be the best fit, we are committed to providing you with a referral to a trusted partner who can better meet your needs.

Your understanding of the different shipping processes at the U.S.-Mexico border is our top priority. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and gain the knowledge and guidance necessary for successful cross-border shipping.

When it comes to shipping freight across borders outside of North America, you can rest assured that we have got you covered. Our extensive global multimodal network combined with our flexible capacity options guarantee that you will receive the same level of service you are accustomed to, regardless of where you conduct your business around the world. With our international shipping solutions, crossing borders is no longer a problem. You can confidently rely on us to handle all your freight transportation needs seamlessly and efficiently across different countries and regions globally.

Visigistics offers a comprehensive range of warehousing solutions at various U.S. and Mexico ports of entry including the Laredo border crossing, Nuevo Laredo border crossing, El Paso border crossing, Santa Theresa border crossing, Juarez border crossing, Eagle Pass border crossing, Piedras Negras border crossing, Pharr, TX, Brownsville, TX, Nogales US border crossing, Nogales Mexico border crossing, Douglas, AZ, Mexicali border Crossing, Calexico, CA border crossing, San Diego, CA, Otay Mesa, CA, Ensenada, Altamira, Veracruz, Manzanillo, Mexico City Airport, Guadalajara Airport, and Monterrey Airport.

Our warehousing solutions cater to the needs of companies involved in cross-border logistics, ensuring efficient operations and value-add opportunities. Work with our local experts to navigate cross-border shipping regulations and compliance requirements to keep your deliveries moving on schedule.

Visigistics offers comprehensive consulting services tailored to assist businesses in making informed, data-driven decisions to enhance their supply chain operations. Our services are designed to help identify opportunities such as nearshoring or reshoring based on specific business needs.

By leveraging these consulting services, businesses can optimize their supply chain processes and work towards achieving their desired state. We specialize in providing tailored solutions for businesses in North America looking to make strategic and impactful decisions for their supply chain management.<

Air freight services can play a crucial role in meeting tight schedules and fulfilling customer demands for cross-border shipments. By leveraging our air freight scale and expertise, businesses can adhere to even the most challenging timelines.

With access to reliable air services, companies can expedite the transportation process, ensuring that goods reach their destinations swiftly and efficiently. This not only helps in meeting tight schedules but also enhances the overall customer experience by delivering products promptly and reliably across borders within North America.

Intermodal services for cross-border shipping offer numerous benefits for businesses looking to optimize their supply chain operations. By utilizing intermodal services, you can gain direct access to various modes of transportation, including major railroads in North America. This access enhances efficiency and cost savings by providing a route-neutral service that streamlines the shipping process.

Additionally, a global multimodal network and flexible capacity options ensure consistent service levels, no matter where your business operates around the world. Through expertise, advanced technology, and an extensive carrier network, intermodal services make it effortless to ship goods across different regions, not just within North America but also beyond. This efficiency and optimization of the supply chain not only address current shipping needs but also prepare your business for future demands and growth opportunities.

Our intra-Mexico shipping offerings empower you to confidently transport goods within Mexico by connecting you with safe and dependable contract carriers who operate both into and within the country. We give you the flexibility to select the most suitable carrier for your specific needs, including options like C-TPAT and OEA compliant contract carriers, which can help reduce the risks associated with shipping within Mexico. Our services are accessible within the North American region.

Our customs brokerage services aim to minimize uncertainties and ensure compliance at the border by offering a range of solutions. With a team of experienced cross-border experts and licensed customs brokers on both sides of the border, Visigistics is equipped to handle various challenges related to customs regulations and procedures. These services include navigating local laws, regulations, language, and cultural aspects to facilitate smooth and timely movement of freight across borders. By leveraging their expertise, the customs brokerage service providers are dedicated to eliminating customs barriers not only at the border but also throughout the entire logistics process.

To effectively manage spend and speed for your less than truckload (LTL) shipments in North America, you can utilize tailored LTL and consolidation strategies that ensure your goods are transported efficiently without compromising delivery timelines. These solutions are designed to optimize your budget while maintaining the necessary speed to get your products to their destinations promptly. By implementing customized solutions for both northbound and southbound freight, you can strike a balance between cost-efficiency and timely deliveries for your LTL shipments in North America.

Through our extensive carrier network in North America, we provide truckload shipping services that cater to your needs regardless of the market cycle. With cross dock facilities and direct truckload capacity, we ensure reliable and efficient transportation solutions for your operations across North America. Explore our truckload services available throughout the region to streamline your shipping processes and meet your logistics requirements.

To choose a single provider for cross-border freight with a flexible yet reliable carrier network, it is essential to look for a company that has extensive experience and a proven track record of successfully managing shipments across North America. The ideal provider should have the scalability to customize solutions to meet your business's specific needs, simplifying the process of cross-border freight and eliminating unnecessary complexities. Additionally, consider a provider that can offer a comprehensive network of carriers that are known for their reliability, ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of your goods. By selecting a provider with these capabilities, you can streamline your cross-border freight operations and benefit from a seamless shipping experience.

To streamline the process of cross-border shipping and make it more efficient, one can leverage multimodal solutions that encompass a wide range of transportation modes. By combining services such as cross docking facilities and direct capacity options, companies can optimize their shipping logistics to ensure smooth operations across borders. Additionally, integrating robust customs brokerage services into the supply chain can greatly reduce the complexities related to customs procedures and regulations. By effectively combining the advantages of multimodal solutions and reliable customs brokerage services, businesses can navigate the challenges of cross-border shipping more effectively and enhance overall operational efficiency.

One solution for managing inventory needs for large projects along North American borders is to have access to a vast amount of warehouse space strategically located along the borders. This ample warehouse space can effectively cater to the needs of the largest and most complex projects by providing sufficient room for the storage of inventory and supplies. By utilizing this extensive warehouse infrastructure along North American borders, organizations can streamline their inventory management processes and ensure that the necessary resources are readily available to support their projects.

To ensure compliance with U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) trade regulations, it is crucial to collaborate with experienced professionals who possess a deep understanding of the complex requirements involved. By engaging with leading experts in this field, you can navigate the intricacies of the USMCA regulations effectively and ensure that your operations align with the trade guidelines outlined in the agreement. Partnering with knowledgeable individuals who are well-versed in USMCA regulations can provide you with the guidance and expertise needed to maintain compliance and leverage the benefits of this trade agreement.

"To effectively streamline your cross-border shipping process, it is vital to partner with a transportation and customs expert boasting a proven track record in cross-border logistics. Seek out a provider with extensive operational experience in your target regions, enabling them to adeptly navigate traffic patterns, regulations, and procedural intricacies with efficiency. Explore versatile multimodal solutions offering cross-docking and direct capacity options, complemented by reliable customs brokerage services to mitigate risks and ensure seamless operations. Prioritize a provider with a robust carrier network spanning North America, capable of tailoring solutions to your unique business requirements and simplifying the complexities associated with cross-border freight."<

Inland drayage is a pivotal logistics service that significantly contributes to reducing ocean freight costs for cross-border products. This service involves the transportation of goods over short distances between different transportation modes or from a port to a warehouse or final destination. By utilizing inland drayage services, businesses can enhance the efficiency of their supply chain operations and ensure the seamless movement of goods across borders.

These services play a crucial role in streamlining handoffs between various parties involved in the transportation process, ensuring timely delivery and optimal condition of the cargo. This operational fluidity leads to better synchronization and coordination in the movement of cross-border products, ultimately improving the overall efficiency of the supply chain.

Furthermore, inland drayage services are instrumental in reducing the costs associated with international transportation. By effectively managing the inland transportation leg of the journey, companies can optimize routes, consolidate shipments, and minimize overall transportation expenses.

This cost-effectiveness not only benefits businesses by enhancing their competitiveness but also ensures timely delivery and cargo integrity. Additionally, our services extend to offering the flexibility of taking freight in-bond from Mexico to US ports and then cross dock/transload into an ocean container, providing a comprehensive solution for cross-border logistics needs.

When considering ocean shipping for cross-border freight, it is essential to partner with a reputable NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) that has established relationships with ocean carriers. By collaborating with a reliable NVOCC, you can ensure that your goods are handled efficiently and located close to your production facilities, minimizing delays in the supply chain. Furthermore, ocean shipping allows you to customize the movement of your goods to align with your nearshoring strategy. By leveraging ocean transportation, you can optimize your cross-border freight operations and enhance the overall efficiency of your supply chain. It is important to explore the ocean shipping options available in your region, particularly in areas like North America, to capitalize on the benefits of this transportation mode for your cross-border shipments.

To confidently ship goods in Mexico using reliable contract carriers, it is important to have access to carriers that are safe and dependable. Utilize carriers that are C-TPAT and OEA compliant as they can help mitigate any risks associated with shipping within and to Mexico.

By selecting the right carrier for the job, you can ensure that your goods are transported securely and efficiently. This approach allows you to have peace of mind when shipping goods in Mexico with reliable contract carriers.

To ensure compliance with evolving free trade agreements and trade regulations, it is crucial to stay updated on the latest changes and requirements. Seek assistance from Trusted Advisors who are well-versed in the intricacies of cross-border trade regulations. They can help navigate the complexities, anticipate potential compliance issues, and proactively address them to ensure adherence to the evolving standards set by free trade agreements and trade regulations.

To reduce uncertainty and effectively manage compliance with customs brokerage services, it is essential to leverage the expertise of cross-border professionals with in-depth knowledge of local laws, regulations, languages, and cultural nuances. By working with a team of experienced customs brokers, you can navigate through complex international trade processes more smoothly and ensure compliance at every step of the way.

This proactive approach helps mitigate risks, streamline customs procedures, and facilitate the movement of freight across borders efficiently. Partnering with knowledgeable experts who understand the intricacies of custom barriers and regulations can contribute significantly to enhancing operational efficiency and establishing a compliant supply chain network.

To effectively address the inventory requirements of your major projects situated along the borders of North America, one solution is to utilize the vast warehouse facilities available. By leveraging an extensive network of warehouse space strategically located inside of Mexico, in the US, and along the borders, you can efficiently manage and accommodate the inventory demands of your largest and most intricate projects. This access to ample warehouse space in key border regions can contribute significantly to meeting the logistical needs of your projects, ensuring smooth operations and timely deliveries across North American borders.

Our project logistics services offer a wide range of solutions specifically tailored for transitioning factories between regions. With a focus on seamlessly executing comprehensive project plans, we leverage our multimodal transportation capabilities to ensure a smooth transition from Asia to North America. By mitigating risks, promoting safety, and providing expert consultation through our global network, we aim to empower businesses to maintain control and focus on driving growth while we navigate the complexities of the transition process.

Ocean Shipping: Our services include ocean shipping solutions tailored to meet your production process needs, with a focus on maintaining goods in close proximity efficiently. Being one of the largest NVOCCs globally, we boast strong relationships with ocean carriers. This allows us to provide you with streamlined shipping processes, minimizing hassles and delays. You can optimize your nearshoring strategy by customizing the movement of your goods to align with your business requirements.

Air Freight: In the realm of air freight services, we offer solutions designed to accommodate even the most stringent timelines and customer demands. Leveraging our expertise and extensive network, we ensure that your freight is promptly delivered to its destination with reliability. Our air services play a vital role in facilitating smooth cross-border transactions, allowing your goods to reach their final destination quickly and efficiently.

Availability: Our ocean shipping and air freight services are readily accessible in North America, providing businesses with comprehensive logistical support tailored to their specific needs.

To ensure compliance with trade regulations for cross-border freight, it is essential to seek out trade policy consulting services offered by experts familiar with evolving free trade agreements and other trade regulations. These services can assist in mitigating risks and proactively resolving compliance issues specific to cross-border freight operations.

By engaging with trusted advisors who understand the nuances of your business and the complexities of trade regulations, you can effectively navigate the legal requirements, ensure adherence to regulations, and minimize the possibility of compliance issues arising. These experts can provide valuable assistance in staying up-to-date with regulatory changes and offer tailored solutions to address any compliance challenges that may emerge during cross-border freight operations.

To secure truckload and less than truckload capacity for cross-border shipments, it is essential to consider partnering with a carrier that has an extensive network in North America. By collaborating with a carrier that operates in the regions where you conduct your cross-border operations, you can ensure access to the necessary truckload and less than truckload capacity regardless of market fluctuations. For truckload shipments, it is vital to secure crossdock and direct capacity in the regions you operate. This approach enables you to manage your spend effectively while maintaining the required speed for less than truckload (LTL) shipments. Customized LTL and consolidation solutions for both northbound and southbound freight can help in getting your products to their destinations efficiently. By exploring truckload and LTL services tailored to your needs and leveraging the carrier network's capabilities in North America, you can secure the capacity required for successful cross-border shipments.

Visigistics offers a wide range of solutions tailored for businesses engaged in cross-border logistics in North America. These solutions include truckload services to secure direct truckload capacity, LTL services for efficient spend management, customs brokerage services to ensure compliance and smooth freight movement, and trade policy consulting to assist in navigating free trade agreements and regulations. In addition, Visigistics provides intra-United States and intra-Mexico shipping services, warehousing solutions with extensive border warehouse space, ocean and air freight services for timely deliveries, inland drayage services to optimize costs, consulting services for data-driven decisions, global cross-border services for international shipping, project logistics solutions for factory transitions, and environmental impact measurement solutions. These comprehensive services are designed to meet the diverse and complex needs of businesses operating in cross-border logistics in North America, offering expertise, support, and technology for seamless operations.

Visigistics offers a wide range of services for customs brokerage and compliance management to help businesses reduce uncertainty, ensure compliance, and maintain the smooth flow of freight in all directions. With a team of bi-ligual cross-border experts and licensed customs brokers, Visigistics is well-equipped to handle the intricacies of local laws, regulations, languages, and cultures. Their services are designed to assist in overcoming customs barriers at the border as well as beyond, ensuring that clients' shipments are processed efficiently and in accordance with all relevant requirements.

Several industries stand to gain significant advantages from the flexible capacity options and insights that Visigistics offers. These include:

1. Automotive Logistics: Companies in the automotive sector can benefit from access to flexible capacity options, the ability to measure and reduce emissions, and data-driven insights that can drive continuous improvement opportunities within their supply chains.

2. Energy Logistics: Businesses operating in the energy sector can power their strategic initiatives by emphasizing safety, enhancing visibility in their supply chains, and ensuring operational continuity with the support of Visigistics' solutions.

3. Healthcare Logistics: The healthcare industry can leverage Visigistics offerings to enhance safety standards, mitigate risks associated with supply chain disruptions, and maintain operational efficiency in delivering critical medical supplies and services.

To avoid delays and ensure smooth movement of freight across the Mexico-U.S. borders, you can follow these steps:

1. Utilize a robust carrier network: Partner with a transportation company that has a strong carrier network in the US and Mexico to ensure reliable truckload, LTL, or intermodal capacity on both sides of the border.

2. Engage with cross-border freight experts: Work with a team of dedicated cross-border freight experts who can help you navigate customs procedures, complete necessary paperwork, and ensure compliance with regulations for seamless freight movement.

3. Monitor changing conditions and regulations: Stay informed about shifting conditions, regulations, and emerging shipping trends in both the US and Mexico to proactively address any potential issues that may impact cross-border shipments.

4. Secure carriers with a strong security record: Choose carriers with a proven track record of security to safeguard your freight during its journey across the borders and minimize the risk of delays or disruptions.

By following these guidelines and collaborating with experienced professionals, you can streamline the transportation process, mitigate delays, and achieve efficient movement of freight across the Mexico-U.S. borders.

To simplify your multi-national North American freight strategy, consider leveraging reliable cross-border shipping solutions and working with dedicated specialists. By partnering with experts who understand the complexities of moving freight across borders, you can streamline your operations and minimize delays.

Look for providers with a robust carrier network and a team of cross-border freight specialists who can help you navigate customs regulations, secure reliable capacity, and ensure the smooth movement of your shipments. Prioritize finding carriers with a strong track record of security and efficiency to optimize your multi-national freight strategy.

Visigistics guarantees expertise in local languages and cultural nuances for cross-border shipping needs by providing bilingual experts who collaborate with clients to establish best practices and grasp cultural subtleties. Clients can depend on their extensive training, experience, and relationships to address all their cross-border shipping requirements.

Visigisticcs' approach to cross border freight stands out from others due to several key factors. We offer comprehensive services at every step of the process, including assisting in finding carriers, working with customs brokers on the client's behalf, and providing access to US and Mexico Customs Brokerage companies if needed.

Additionally, we provide a wide range of capacity options, including drop trailers, through a large centralized carrier network, ensuring superior capacity, visibility, and flexibility regardless of the specific requirements. One distinctive aspect of our approach is the emphasis on local languages, offices in Mexico, and cross border expertise, as our bilingual experts collaborate with clients to develop best practices and navigate cultural nuances effectively. Clients can rely on our team's training, experience, and relationships to address all their cross-border shipping needs with a personalized touch that sets them apart in the industry.

CTPAT stands for Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. It's a voluntary program led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that aims to strengthen international supply chain security. The program is a partnership between the government and private businesses involved in importing goods into the United States.

Under CTPAT, companies agree to implement and maintain a set of security measures throughout their supply chain processes. These measures are designed to prevent the introduction of terrorism or other illicit activities into the supply chain. By participating in CTPAT, companies demonstrate a commitment to security and are eligible for certain benefits, such as reduced inspections and expedited processing of their shipments through customs.

CTPAT is part of a broader effort to enhance global trade security while facilitating the flow of legitimate commerce. It provides a framework for collaboration between government agencies and the private sector to protect supply chains from security threats.

Companies that participate in CTPAT agree to implement specific security measures in their supply chain processes, from manufacturing to distribution, to ensure the integrity and security of their goods as they move across borders. In return, they may receive benefits such as expedited processing of their shipments through customs. The program is designed to prevent terrorists from exploiting supply chains to smuggle weapons, drugs, or other contraband into the United States.

The process to become CTPAT certified requires a commitment to supply chain security and compliance with CBP's security criteria. It's important to maintain open communication with CBP throughout the process and to actively engage in efforts to strengthen supply chain security.

Becoming CTPAT certified involves several steps:

  1. Assessment: The first step is to assess your company's supply chain security practices against the CTPAT security criteria. This involves reviewing your security procedures, policies, and physical security measures.

  2. Application: Once you've determined that your company meets the CTPAT security criteria, you can submit an application to CBP to participate in the program. The application typically includes detailed information about your company, its supply chain, and its security practices.

  3. Validation: CBP will review your application and may conduct a validation process to verify that your company's security practices meet the CTPAT criteria. This may involve on-site visits, document reviews, and interviews with company personnel.

  4. Agreement: If your company successfully completes the validation process, you will enter into a partnership agreement with CBP. This agreement outlines the mutual commitments and responsibilities of both your company and CBP as part of the CTPAT program.

  5. Implementation: Once certified, your company is expected to maintain and continuously improve its supply chain security practices in accordance with the CTPAT criteria. This may involve ongoing training, security assessments, and updates to your security procedures.

  6. Benefits: As a certified CTPAT participant, your company may be eligible for benefits such as reduced inspections, expedited processing of shipments through customs, and access to CBP resources and support.

Here are five essential lessons that shippers can learn from managing cross-border freight operations:

1. The importance of being adaptable and responsive in changing circumstances.
2. The ability to utilize a combination of different logistics options as needed.
3. The necessity of maintaining clear visibility throughout the shipping process.
4. The requirement for having a local presence in the countries involved.
5. The need to always plan and operate with a forward-thinking approach.

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimated that the total amount of transborder freight moved by all modes of transportation in 2019 was approximately $1.2 trillion.

The significant disruptions faced by shippers in transborder freight flows have highlighted several key lessons for enhancing border freight operations. Insights from these challenges emphasize the importance of adaptability and robustness in supply chain strategies, particularly in managing cross-border complexities. This experience underscores the necessity for companies to invest in more resilient logistics and to understand the intricacies involved in the movement of goods across borders, especially during periods of disruption. By analyzing these difficulties, businesses can refine their operational approaches to mitigate similar impacts in the future.

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