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Trust in supply chains are broken due to actions outside the control of the business. 

Our roundtable members equip themselves with information about what is working in the market today. They use this information to set their business up for success no matter what changes occur in the marketplace.

Our members have strong partner connections in the marketplace and are able to mitigate challenges impacting the business’ profit.

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3 Ways Visigistics Helps Your Business to Get Stuff Done:

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Visigistics has the expertise to help leaders Navigate uncertainty

Our roundtable members understand the demands of maintaining their supply chains and equip their businesses with the right options and resources to drive reliable results.

Some of the

Topics Covered


Business Strategy


Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Chain and Logistics Best Practices

Supply Chain and Logistics Best Practices


Process Redesign & Improvement

Sales & Operations Planning

Sales & Operations Planning


Supply Chain Risk & Resiliency

Supplier Management

Supplier Management

Supply Chain Metrics & KPIs

Supply Chain Analytics

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Operations & Supply Chain Excellence Roundtables

Below are some frequently asked questions about our roundtables:

Our roundtables meet monthly for approximately two hours.  Currently they are only in-person in the Dallas/Fort Worth area but we have plans to expand to virtual groups in the future.  If you are interested in being a part of a virtual group outside.  Please contact us and let us know.

We have a planned curriculum as well as open discussions with our roundtable members.  Topics we discuss include:

  • Effective internal and external supply chain planning
  • Efficient inventory management techniques
  • Supply chain best practices
  • Supply chain technologies
  • Continuous improvement teams / culture
  • Utilizing lean principles to identify and eliminate waste
  • Identifying operations bottlenecks that slow process throughput (Theory of Constraints)
  • Effective risk management
  • Logistics strategy and logistics management
  • Creating resilient supply chains
  • Supply chain analytics and KPIs
  • Sustainable supply chains
  • Supply chain automation

We have several different options based on the level of the person joining.  Contact us to discuss pricing options.

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