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In recent years, businesses worldwide have been increasingly drawn to the trend of near-shoring to Mexico as a strategic response to supply chain disruptions and cost challenges.

Mexico's unique position as a nearshore destination offers a winning combination of reduced transportation times, minimized logistical complexities, and a skilled workforce.

By relocating manufacturing activities to Mexico from overseas, companies not only mitigate the risks associated with distant suppliers but also tap into a cost-effective environment without compromising on quality. 

However, finding manufacturers in Mexico can be quite a task, and it's important to know how to find manufacturers in Mexico.  To overcome that, we have put together resources for sourcing, legal, tax, and logistics to simplify the process of sourcing and manufacturing in Mexico.

Whether you are a seasoned multinational corporation or a budding start-up looking to expand your supply chain, our team of experts is here to guide you at every step. Discover the advantages of sourcing in Mexico and how our tailored solutions can maximize your sourcing potential in this dynamic market.

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Visigistics provides Mexico sourcing services for companies small and large.

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How to Find Manufacturers in Mexico

Below are some frequently asked questions about how to find suppliers in Mexico:

Finding manufacturers in Mexico can be a difficult task but it can be navigated.  While countries like US and China have online manufacturing search portals like and, Mexico lacks such a platform. As a result, finding the right manufacturer in Mexico can be overwhelming. 

Because of this, many businesses opt to work with a Mexico sourcing company who can provide street-smart sourcing to ensure the best price and quality in Mexico.

Visigistics has a network of resources to help with your Mexico sourcing needs.

To learn more, read our article How to Find Manufacturers in Mexico. or download our eBook, The Power of Nearshoring in Mexico

Yes.  There are three main ways to source or operate a manufacturing facility in Mexico.  There is contract manufacturing, shelter companies, or maquiladoras.  A detail explanation can be found in our eBook, The Power of Nearshoring in Mexico.

Traditionally Mexico is an Industrial Products manufacturing base.  However, with the disruptions that happened over the last several years, many Mexico Manufacturing companies are looking to utilize their capabilities to compete against China and Asia in the consumer products space.  But there can be some challenges as well.  We wrote a blog post discussing the four major product categories traditionally manufactured in Mexico.

Re-shoring and near-shoring are typically complex supply chain activities that typically will take months to years depending on the complexity.  We believe that over the next 10 years, billions of dollars of manufacturing will back to North America from overseas.

We believe that bringing manufacturing back to North America will provide significant economic and supply chain benefits to companies who pursue this avenue as well as the people who live in North America.

If you are considering moving manufacturing to Mexico read our eBook, The Power of Nearshoring in Mexico.  Or Contact Us for more information.

IMMEX is a program put in place to provide incentives for foreign companies to manufacture in Mexico.  It provides companies the ability to import products into Mexico, use them in manufacturing and then export them without paying VAT taxes on the inventory.  You can read more about IMMEX in our blog post "IMMEX Program 101: A Beginner's Guide to Manufacturing in Mexico."

The Mexico Maquila program is set up for foreign-owned companies to operate inside of Mexico.  The Maquiladora is responsible for all the administration required to be in compliance with Mexico law.  For more information on the  Maquiladora program in Mexico, you can click here to read more.  For more information on different ways to near shore in Mexico, read our eBook, The Power of Nearshoring in Mexico.  

Yes, we have strategic relationships throughout Mexico to help source products or build your supply chains in Mexico.

Absolutely.  There are many Mexican apparel manufacturers that are looking for new customers.  Contact us to talk about your project needs.

Yes.  We have several strategic partners that manufacture and wholesale furniture, cabinets, and other home goods.  Contact us today and we can set up a time to talk about your project.

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