Creating an Efficient Supply Chain using a Warehouse Location Strategy

Supply Chain Case Study
  • March 12, 2024

Supply Chain Case Study: Increasing Efficiency and Improving Customer Service in Supply Chain

Amidst a period of unprecedented growth and frequent inventory stockouts, a leading privately-held company (hereinafter "the Company") engaged Visigistics, a top-tier supply chain and logistics consulting firm, to identify and implement strategies for reducing logistics costs and improving supply chain efficiency. This case study focuses on the an initiative to relocate the Company's primary warehouse from the Mid-West to the Texas-Mexico border. This move not only resulted in over $2.5 million in annual logistics cost savings, representing a 34% reduction in logistics spending, but also significantly accelerated the product delivery cycle from supplier to customer by approximately 7 days, enhancing the Company's ability to meet significantly rising demand.

Inefficient Supply Chain Processes and Rising Logistics Costs

The Company was grappling with Supply Chain challenges due to high growth and the company was looking for ways to reduce cycle times to get their product to market faster. The pressing need was to eliminate the daily firefighting, expedite the supply chain process to better align with market demand, and minimize inventory stockouts.

Visigistics Solution – Supply Chain Analysis and Warehouse Relocation

Visigistics conducted an exhaustive analysis of the Company's supply chain and logistics network, assessing factors such as transportation routes, distribution of customers, locations of suppliers, and regulatory considerations. The analysis unveiled a strategic opportunity: relocating the warehouse to the Texas-Mexico border would not only shorten the time products took from supplier to sale but also substantially reduce logistics costs. The relocation strategy was anchored on several critical advantages:

Closer Proximity to Suppliers and Markets

The new location offered enhanced access to key suppliers and their largest market (Texas), for imports from Mexico, reducing both transportation time and costs.

Robust Transportation Infrastructure

Boasting extensive highways, rail connections, and access to seaports, the Texas-Mexico border provided a logistical advantage for faster and more efficient distribution.

Reduced Labor and Operational Expenses

The area featured competitive labor costs and operational efficiencies, including efficient cross-border trade mechanisms.


The relocation of the warehouse to the Texas-Mexico border will deliver exceptional outcomes:

  • Significant Logistics Cost Reduction:

Achieve over $2.5 million in annual savings, mainly through shorter transportation cycles, lower transportation costs, and increased operational efficiency.

  • Reduction in Logistics Spend:

The savings will provide a 34% decrease in the annual logistics expenditure, markedly improving profitability.

  • Reduction in Supplier to Sale Time:

The strategic move reduces the time from supplier to sale by approximately 7 days, crucially supporting the Company in keeping up with surging market demand and reducing instances of stockouts.

  • Operational and Environmental Benefits:

The Company will experience faster and more reliable delivery times, reduced carbon emissions, and improved inventory turnover rates.

  • Strengthened Competitive Position:

With reduced costs and improved supply chain speed, the Company will able to improve profitability and services, solidifying its market leadership.

Partner with Visigistics to Create an Efficient Supply Chain

The collaboration between the Company and Visigistics underscores the vital role of strategic logistics planning in not only reducing costs but also enhancing overall supply chain velocity, especially in times of growth and market demand challenges. The warehouse relocation to the Texas-Mexico border stands as a benchmark for logistics optimization, demonstrating how collaborating with trusted advisors and strategic decisions can lead to substantial financial savings and operational improvements. This case study illustrates the transformative impact of logistics optimization strategies on achieving operational excellence and maintaining competitive advantage in the fast-paced market landscape.  Contact us today to create an efficient supply chain today.


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