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In today's dynamic industrial landscape, staying competitive means embracing the power of automation and industrial robotics. At Visigistics, we are your trusted partner on this transformative journey, offering a range of services to help you harness the full potential of Industry 4.0 technologies. If you need an expert to help assess your processes to see where automation is possible and has a return on investment, contact us today!

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Visigistics has the experience to Simplify your Robotics and Automation projects.

Our Services

1. Readiness Assessment

Embarking on an automation and robotics journey requires a deep understanding of your current state and the readiness of your operations. Our readiness assessment services provide you with a holistic view of your industrial environment, ensuring a seamless transition to automated processes.

2. Layout Design and Simulation

Efficient factory and facility layouts are essential for optimizing automation and robotics. Our layout design and simulation services ensure that your physical environment is strategically configured to support your automation goals.

3. Purchasing Services and Integration

Sourcing the right automation equipment and integrating it seamlessly into your existing processes is a complex task. Our purchasing and integration services streamline this process, ensuring you acquire the best solutions for your needs at the best possible pricing.  Even if you have priced equipment out, contact us and we can help you get a better deal.


Process Analysis

Robotic Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost-Benefit Analysis

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Process and Layout Design




Robotic Sourcing Expertise

Robotic Integration and Programming

Robotic Integration and Programming

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Our consultants will work with you to determine if we are a fit for your project.  If we don't think we are a fit we will be glad to give you a referral to someone who we think can.

Industrial Robots and Automation Tools

Below are some frequently asked questions about Industrial Robots and Automation:

We serve a diverse range of industries, including automotive, electronics, aerospace,  pharmaceuticals, food services, and more. Our automation solutions are adaptable to various industrial applications.

Yes, we offer retrofitting services to upgrade and enhance the performance of your existing robotic systems, regardless of the brand.

Absolutely. We offer comprehensive training programs to ensure your staff can operate and maintain the robotic systems safely and efficiently.

Simply contact us and one of our experts will schedule a consultation to assess your needs and provide a tailored solution.

We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach for out customers.  We work with you to identify the best equipment needed for your application.  Our team is experienced with many robotic brands as well as additional equipment such as stretch wrappers, conveyors, to bring a complete solution for your manufacturing and warehouse logistics needs.

At Visigistics, we can support almost an endless number of robotic applications.  We can support manufacturing and assembly, welding, pick and place, material handling, packaging and palletizing, quality inspection and testing, and many others.

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